Wouldn’t you agree one of the worst parts of coming home from holidays is doing all the laundry you accumulated while away?

Ever wonder what may be lurking / living in your dirty pet beds/blankets? 

Are you throwing away money buying new beds every few months because you don’t want to ruin your appliances washing them?


We will wash, dry and do a non toxic, all natural anti bacterial, anti microbial treatment on your pets bedding for you.

Zippered / Stuffed Pet Beds:        $8 (EXT SHELL ONLY)

Inner Shell /Stuffing :                      $20

Pet Pads / Crate Liners:                  $9

Pet Comforters:                                $20

Pet Blankets / sheets:                       $5

All Natural Aromatherapy Relaxation Treatment     $9

Administered upon time of check in directly to your pet. Our signature blend of essential oils allows your pet to seamlessly leave your loving hands and settle into their vacation with us easier, more peacefully, and calmly.  This blend has been tried and tested on our own beloved pets during high anxiety times.

Aromatherapy Room Service   $16

Your pet will receive an essential oil diffuser in their room that runs 24/7 during their stay.  You can choose from 2 of our signature blends ….
                                    Immune Support / Good Health   OR    Relaxation / Serenity