Your Pets Home Away From Home

Sometimes your pet needs to go somewhere when your schedule is packed full.

Wouldn't it be convenient if you had a professional, safe, entrusted, caring way to send your pet on their errands while you're out doing yours?

Does your pooch or kitty need to get to the vets office and you just cant find the time?  Hows about to the groomers?  Or perhaps to their buddies place for a play date or to grandma's house for a fun few days?

Or often times when you're getting ready to go on holidays you find it a little overwhelming to also have to take a couple hours out of your day to run your fur babies out to us to start their vacation here. 

We can solve all those issues for you with our Pet Taxi Service.

We will come pick up your pets from your home or meet you at the airport to bring them here.  We can also meet you back at the airport with them upon your return.  Want your pets groomed while here?  While we do not have an onsite groomer we are more then happy to take your pet to their favorite regular groomers during their stay here.  Any in the Great YEG Area we will accommodate.

$2/kms   no extra charge for pets from same household

PAY FOR A PICK UP .... GET A FREE DROP OFF ..... FOR STAYS OVER 7 DAYS.  ASK US HOW.  *​distance restrictions apply